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29.09 23:08 > sandhya
song:dheem tanana
composer:sadhu kokila
26.09 20:11 > shivu
Kannada requested : sididedda pandavaru(1994) College Hero (1990) plz admin
24.09 19:07 > aterr#76
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8.09 08:05 > RaviRGarani
sir please upload this movie songs. pls
1) Kotreshi Manasu
2)Chaitradha Chiguru
3) Kambalahalli

22.08 22:15 > ramesh
1.daba daba hrudayada bete
3.08 17:24 > Mahaveer Hawaldar
Sididedda pandavaru
College hero
Movie songs please upload madi sir
3.08 17:23 > Mahaveer Hawaldar
Sididedda pandavaru
College hero
3.08 13:56 > Acchu
Plzzz upload bharjari movie songs I'm waiting

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